GoToWebcast is the perfect platform to host all your online events for maximum impact. This secure, reliable webcasting software makes holding a presentation easier (and more effective) than ever.

How does webcast software work?


  • A single link for joining the event or watching the recording
  • Steam video and audio to as many as 5,000 attendees
  • Simple setup with no download required
  • Host all the webcasts you want for one affordable monthly rate

Why webcast?


  • Keep your audience engaged with live video
  • Reach all of your employees at the same time, reducing travel costs
  • Conduct online ‘town hall’ meetings with your customers around the globe

Key webcasting features

  • Works on any regular web browser
  • Viewers can access on all platforms, including mobile devices
  • Broadcast live and pre-recorded videos
  • Automatically archive recordings for on-demand viewing
  • Integrate with your social media profiles
  • Customise your interface for extra branding power

From webinars to videoconferencing, Citrix has all your collaboration and communication needs covered with our suite of services.


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