Just so we’re all on the same page (literally), here’s a quick videoconferencing definition:

An online meeting between two or more participants at different locations, using computer networks to share audio and video.

Unlike webinars , videoconferencing lets people have a normal, face-to-face conversation from anywhere in the world. With HD video and crystal-clear sound, collaborating across time zones has never been easier.

How does it work?


  • At the set time, launch your videoconferencing program on your laptop, desktop, mobile or tablet and dial in
  • Click to turn on your webcam, click again to share your screen
  • Start meeting! (Yes, it’s that simple.)

Join forces with videoconferencing


  • Connect remote workers in an easy, cost-effective way
  • Share information in real time
  • Streamline company communication
  • Perfect for everything from internal catch-ups to client meetings

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